Smoked on Oak

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Most people assume that the smoke is why we do it -- that beautiful pink smoke ring that adds a lot of flavor to our meat.  And yeah, that's great, but it's more than that -- we slow cook whenever possible which leads to tender, juicy cuts of meat that we get really excited about.

Like our beer, it's done when it's done.  Salmon filets are out in about an hour.  Ribs?  About 6 hours.  Pulled pork and brisket?  Up to 14 hours -- those cook while you sleep. 

You can't live off smoked meat alone (we tried), so we added poutines to the menu.  In Montreal, they're done with cheese curds and brown gravy.  We also do it Colorado style with our smoked pork green chili.

We also make some great salads if you've got that kind of discipline.  

Rumor has it we know a thing or two about burgers -- you can't go wrong there either.

Menu questions?  Email Samantha -- our General Manager.  You can reach her at


-Sam and the rest of Team Lonesome Buck