Brewed Underground Since 2019

Sitting at our bar, we often get the question, 'Where's the brewery?'  Look down.  Our small (but mighty) basement brewery is one floor below.

Lonesome Buck Head Brewer Cameron Huff has brought a lot of kegs up a lot of stairs.  Rumor has it this strength comes from his epic (and obligatory) beard which he is under strict instructions to never, ever shave.  His beard also conceals his true age which not even his own mother is certain of anymore.


It's not easy brewing in a hundred year old building's basement, but we can't argue with the results -- beer that we're proud of, made right here in downtown Greeley.

With eight (soon to be nine) fermenters serving our bar's twelve taps, we built a brewery that can hopefully keep up with our hits like our Raspberry Blonde, 'Becky with the Red Hair,' and 'The Fun Brunch,' our Brut Mimosa, while introducing a new recipe several times each month.

One month in, we filled our first two oak whiskey barrels in our barrel cellar that we built under our ninth street patio.  It helps when you have a killer distillery as a neighbor (shoutout to Tower 56).  Our cellar will grow to 30 oak barrels over time.

Want to grab one to go?  Every beer can be canned on demand right in front of you, 32 ounces at a time.  You won't find us at any liquor stores or supermarkets -- we keep things fresh here at the LBBC.

How do we do it?  We'll take you downstairs if we have the time, or you can visit the brewery during one of our special events.

Grab a barstool, a pretzel and a flight paddle -- let's settle in.


Cameron and the rest of Team Lonesome Buck

Becky 2.0 edited